New York Christmas 2019

New York, where do I even begin?

I don't think I can turn this trip into to a story. This trip was very fast paced and disconnected. Every moment different from the previous. So that's how I'll present it to you. 😊🏢 

1. Rockefeller Christmas Tree
The tree was massive and so hard to get the whole thing in the picture. 

2.Saks Fifth Avenue Display
The theme this year was Frozen and it was so cute!! 

3. St. Patrick's Cathedral

4. Central Park
I was terrified of  slipping on everything  and my legs were so cold it started to sting when I touched them. >.< It was very beautiful though. A nice balance between nature and city skyline.

4. Then we stopped and had this amazing waffle, got some food, snagged a couple pictures of random things..

5. Next we got tickets to go to the top  of the rock and ended up having a couple of hours to kill so we hurried to The Vessel only to find out that yes, its free, but you need to make a reservation. So we took some pictures and ran back to the Rockefeller Center. Top of the Rock Cost: $40.

And that was just the first day... I've split this trip into 3 post, mostly by days so its not as long or confusing.

Thank you for stopping by,

Love always,

Bekah 💕

To be Continued....

1. Breakfast
2. Random Places
3. Yankee Stadium
4. The Guggenheim Museum
5. The Vessel and The Shed
6. Time Square


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