Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New York Part lll


1. Breakfast
2. Random Places
3. Yankee Stadium
4. The Guggenheim Museum
5. The Vessel and The Shed
6. Time Square

Day 3: 

1. Brooklyn Bridge
All I can say is, the magnets are cheaper at the very end! 

2. Ramen
Thank you to Jorge's boss who showed us this bomb Ramen place. (Yeah, I grabbed  some of their cool chop sticks to bring home.)

3. Joker Stairs
Ok. This was by far the sketchiest part of our trip. But cool to see for sure. I wondered why that seen was so long in the movie. It's because the stair are practically endless!

4. 9/11 Memorial
May God bless all of those who were lost and watch over those who were left without their loved ones...
The 9/11 memorial was beautiful and very powerful. We didn't go in the museum but after hearing stories of it, if we go back, it's absolutely something I'd like to do.


5. The Oculus
Wow, wow, wow. Santiago Calatrava out did himself with this one. We got out of the subway and there it was. The tips of the structure peaking around the corner and it took everything in me not to run towards it. The outside was stunning and the inside  was even more spectacular. You would believe how big it actually is until your standing near it or in it. I think it was by far my favorite part of New York. 


6. Dyker Heights
I was not expecting the crazy amount of people here! The lights were amazing and the houses were beautifully decorated. 10/10 recommend 


Day 4: We relaxed most of the morning, did a little shopping, got some delicious tacos and went out with a good friend of ours in the evening. :)

Thank you for stopping by! I'll be updating these New York posts every so often to make sure I got everything. But bye for now. :)

Love always,


New York Part ll

1. Rockefeller Christmas Tree
2. Saks Fifth Avenue Display
3. St. Patrick's Cathedral
4. Central Park
5. The Vessel and Top of the Rock

Day 2: The next morning we went out for breakfast at a wonderful hole in the wall that Jorge found.

2. Random Places, But they were pretty
3. Yankee stadium, where they were having a huge sale so we grabbed our friend a gift^.^
I was to worried about eating my croissant so I waited outside and enjoyed the weather.

4. The Guggenheim Museum 
As an architecture student I felt obligated to go.. I'd never felt passionate about the building before but having been there, it really changed the way I see it. I mean I still don't love it, but I have a new found respect for it. 

5. Then we went back to The Vessel to climb its numerous stairs. Right next to it was The Shed. Nice 2 for 1 deal. Haha 

6.  We spent the rest of the evening in Time Square

Jorge was taking pictures when a man walked up with a nice camera and just started taking our picture. He said I'll take some and you can see if you want them or not.. haha he got us. He took great pictures so of course, we bought them. 

To Be Continued....

1. Brooklyn Bridge
2. Ramen
3. Joker Stairs
4. 9/11 Memorial
5. The Oculus
6. Dyker Heights