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South Carolina

Aiken, South Carolina First and foremost, thank you Clint and Taryn for having us! I met Taryn ages ago through a mutual friend that we played soccer with and the rest is history!  I think the trip turned out to be as expected.. luckily, no worse. Before we left I felt like I had planned horribly. I booked flights for late Wednesday and early Saturday. Which leaves only 2 days in between. Why I chose Saturday? Most likely because it was cheapest at the time. It was also a plus because it gave Jorge a day to rest between getting home and work on Monday. So here we are, flights booked, things are moving, and I remember there's a 3 hour drive from Atlanta to Aiken. Now that puts us getting in even later and leaving earlier. I was kicking myself for a couple of days but then realized we just had to make the most of it. Taryn and Clint had work during the day so I booked things for Jorge and I to do Thursday. Which included an almost 4 hour drive to Myrtle Beach! Again, when I

Next Stop: Aiken!

Aiken, South Carolina Fun Fact: In sign language, the I love you hand shape is also used when describing a plane flying through the sky. We are flying to Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday and then we will drive to Aiken... I just wanted to post a quick heads up so y'all can be on the lookout for our next trip! I planned this trip with haste.. I'll tell you all about it and whether I goofed as much as I think I did once we get back to Houston. :)   Love Always, Bekah💗