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Between Trips

Ready, Set, Read! I don't know why or where it came from but I have been reading so much for the past month or two. I've always loved to read and I have a decent collection going, but recently I bought 4 or 5 new books and had a few given to me as well. So, I thought I might tell y'all a bit about them since I don't have any new trips planned at the moment. (I MIGHT visit my bestie in South Carolina tho... we'll see how it goes.) Quick Life Update: My stepdad is doing well. Still recovering and constantly going to follow up appointments. Jorge left to AT for the month. This will be our longest stretch of time without seeing each other but I'm not really worried about it. I'll miss him for sure but a month goes by pretty quick:) Since he left, I jam packed my to-do list: repainting my car so I can trade it in, reading, writing for the blog, running, cooking healthier meals, binge watching Friends and making plans with old friends I haven't seen in aw