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Study Abroad Canceled

Study Abroad Canceled           Earlier this week I was planning on finally getting around to writing and updating you on my plans to study abroad. THAT'S RIGHT! I did it. I applied and actually made it into the program. Not only that, but I got my first choice! Iceland, Norway and Denmark. The focus of the trip would be around net zero emissions and green building. Learning ways to limit the amount of disruption to the land that most architecture causes. I DID IT I was so proud and so excited to take on this terrifying new experience, but alas, it has been canceled due to outbreak of Covid-19. So, I'm partially writing this to update you all but also to process my own emotions.  Currently, the most pressing... upsetting...? concerning? (I don't know) thing is the flights... $1500 worth. Expedia's website is down... of course. Customer support simply couldn't take my call and cancelling through the airline's website won't work since I booked th