Study Abroad Canceled

Study Abroad Canceled

          Earlier this week I was planning on finally getting around to writing and updating you on my plans to study abroad. THAT'S RIGHT! I did it. I applied and actually made it into the program. Not only that, but I got my first choice! Iceland, Norway and Denmark. The focus of the trip would be around net zero emissions and green building. Learning ways to limit the amount of disruption to the land that most architecture causes.


I was so proud and so excited to take on this terrifying new experience, but alas, it has been canceled due to outbreak of Covid-19. So, I'm partially writing this to update you all but also to process my own emotions. 

Currently, the most pressing... upsetting...? concerning? (I don't know) thing is the flights... $1500 worth. Expedia's website is down... of course. Customer support simply couldn't take my call and cancelling through the airline's website won't work since I booked through Expedia. I have time, I just hope to get them canceled sooner rather than later. I don't want a travel credit either. I would rather get my money back so I don't have to pay even more in reissue fees.

On another note, I raised $4,400, selling tamales, hosting a football pot, donations from gofundme and simply putting money away every so often. I actually still needed $3,000 to cover the rest of tuition. But I was going to figure it out.. I had back up plans already. I had applied for scholarships. Which now that I think about it, what will happen to those? 

But the deal is, now I'm sitting on this money that people donated and supported me with, for the trip to only be canceled... I had it set in my mind that I needed to do well and make it worth everyone's effort as well as mine. And now I'm kinda in limbo and it's not a great feeling.

Then, In order to graduate, you have to do one of the following: study abroad, write a thesis or minor in something. So, can I do it next summer? Am I going to have to just take summer classed HERE and not abroad? If so, will they be online because the virus is still everywhere? 

They're going to let us know if there will be alternative options but I'm definitely feeling a bit defeated right now..

We are also transitioning from to online school work. Being that we usually work in groups and face-to-face this new method will take some serious getting used to. Lastly, we have a major gate at the end of this semester that will determine whether we continue our Bachelors of Architecture or if we need to take an alternative route..

My head is swirling with all of the "what-ifs" and "wait and see".  

I don't know guys.. well, thanks for tuning in.

Love always,



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