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ARCH 3500 Studio Project Fall 2019

The Link Architecture 3500 Studio Project This project was designed to be a link between the cruise terminal and the strand in Galveston, Tx. So it is a place where tourist and locals can visit and feel like they both belong.  The diagrams above show the points in which most people approach the site and the paths they follow after entering. Based on this, the building form molds to create the optimal experience. Next, the program is organized so the small eateries relate to existing restaurants across the street,the lobby is on the same axis as the Tall Ship Elissa Promenade and the Market is first when entering from the parking garage. I'm really proud of this drawing because it was my first time using Revit. Everything else I drew in AutoCAD . However, I am most proud of my elevations. I struggled for a couple of weeks to come up with something that really portrayed my building materials. Over and over,  my professor told me this and t

New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!!🎶   I know I haven't posted in awhile. So I wanted to give y'all a little life update. Y'all haven't missed much. I've just been busy at school and work. We've been meal prepping every weekend for over a month now! It's exhausting though. I don't think I've lost any weight but I don't feel sluggish after eating anymore. One more week until I will be finished with my studio project. I'm so excited to create a separate post for that and give you a complete break down of my project. I''m also in the process of applying for the study abroad program. My top choice is Iceland, then Paris, Morocco, Japan or Greece. It's really expensive and I don't know how I'll pay for most of it but I feel like I still need to try. Anyway, if that goes well I'll be posting about that too. ^.^  But back to the best news of all: New York 2019!  We will be leaving Dec. 18th and returning D

Our Little Vacation

Galveston, Texas As you all know, I'm studying to be an architect and our current project is located on Galveston Island. One of the first things you do when you're beginning a project is research and become familiar with the area. So our class took a small field trip together to participate in a mandatory scavenger hunt. Coincidentally, the AIA Sandcastle Competition was on the same weekend and Jorge talked me into staying the night so we could go.   We stayed in a super cute hotel, Commodore on the Beach, just off of the sea wall where every room had an ocean front view. We ended up getting a room with two double beds and it was a nice comfortable size. One wall was completely glass so you could see a decent stretch of beach from anywhere in the room. The bathroom was itty bitty but manageable. Lastly, I really liked that they had free parking with a permit behind the building. Overall it was a great stay and I would absolutely recommend it.  Right next to th

South Carolina

Aiken, South Carolina First and foremost, thank you Clint and Taryn for having us! I met Taryn ages ago through a mutual friend that we played soccer with and the rest is history!  I think the trip turned out to be as expected.. luckily, no worse. Before we left I felt like I had planned horribly. I booked flights for late Wednesday and early Saturday. Which leaves only 2 days in between. Why I chose Saturday? Most likely because it was cheapest at the time. It was also a plus because it gave Jorge a day to rest between getting home and work on Monday. So here we are, flights booked, things are moving, and I remember there's a 3 hour drive from Atlanta to Aiken. Now that puts us getting in even later and leaving earlier. I was kicking myself for a couple of days but then realized we just had to make the most of it. Taryn and Clint had work during the day so I booked things for Jorge and I to do Thursday. Which included an almost 4 hour drive to Myrtle Beach! Again, when I

Next Stop: Aiken!

Aiken, South Carolina Fun Fact: In sign language, the I love you hand shape is also used when describing a plane flying through the sky. We are flying to Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday and then we will drive to Aiken... I just wanted to post a quick heads up so y'all can be on the lookout for our next trip! I planned this trip with haste.. I'll tell you all about it and whether I goofed as much as I think I did once we get back to Houston. :)   Love Always, Bekah💗

Between Trips

Ready, Set, Read! I don't know why or where it came from but I have been reading so much for the past month or two. I've always loved to read and I have a decent collection going, but recently I bought 4 or 5 new books and had a few given to me as well. So, I thought I might tell y'all a bit about them since I don't have any new trips planned at the moment. (I MIGHT visit my bestie in South Carolina tho... we'll see how it goes.) Quick Life Update: My stepdad is doing well. Still recovering and constantly going to follow up appointments. I jam packed my to-do list: repainting my car so I can trade it in, reading, writing for the blog, running, cooking healthier meals, binge watching Friends and making plans with old friends I haven't seen in awhile. Anyway, I want to keep this post short so I'll get to the books! Nightflyers by George R. R. Martin A group of scientist bored a spacecraft in search for a godlike being. One by one they mysteriously