Our Little Vacation

Galveston, Texas
As you all know, I'm studying to be an architect and our current project is located on Galveston Island. One of the first things you do when you're beginning a project is research and become familiar with the area. So our class took a small field trip together to participate in a mandatory scavenger hunt. Coincidentally, the AIA Sandcastle Competition was on the same weekend and Jorge talked me into staying the night so we could go.  
We stayed in a super cute hotel, Commodore on the Beach, just off of the sea wall where every room had an ocean front view. We ended up getting a room with two double beds and it was a nice comfortable size. One wall was completely glass so you could see a decent stretch of beach from anywhere in the room. The bathroom was itty bitty but manageable. Lastly, I really liked that they had free parking with a permit behind the building. Overall it was a great stay and I would absolutely recommend it. 

Right next to the hotel was a diner that we concluded must be part of the hotel. For one, the breakfast included in the stay was awful. They only offered coffee, water and cereal. But just next door at this diner were the juices and breakfast options you would typically see in a hotel. I suppose they just spiced it up a bit because someone was preparing it for you.. Who knows, maybe the lunch and dinner are great but we didn't stick around to find out. 

On our way to the beach for the competition, we stopped at a rinky dink gas station for some scratch offs. I thought I won $20 but when I scanned it, it turned out to be a losing ticket... I was so excited ahah. We both lost that time. 

The event was free and they had optional paid parking but we chose the free lot and walked the rest of the way. We ended up renting the blue chairs for the day and relaxed while the castles were being built. Here are just a few of the pictures I took.

~ ~ ~

I almost forgot the car chase when we were heading home! Hands down the most dangerous car I've ever been near. We first saw a cop hauling butt into the opposing traffic lane  but we didn't think much of it. Next we see a car jump out of the line of traffic behind us, do a U-turn and haul ass in the other direction. Weird, but still no cause for concern. Not even 5 minutes later this guy speeds past us and following him are probably 5 police vehicles. In the end there was a big wreck where he had plowed into an oncoming truck and what looked like another vehicle he may have hit some time before that. See more info on that here:

~ ~ ~

What a weekend! It was a great time and I just have to say, life feels so easy breezy. I don't know where we are going next. My birthday is coming up on October 1st so we will be up to something! 

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