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Our Little Vacation

Galveston, Texas As you all know, I'm studying to be an architect and our current project is located on Galveston Island. One of the first things you do when you're beginning a project is research and become familiar with the area. So our class took a small field trip together to participate in a mandatory scavenger hunt. Coincidentally, the AIA Sandcastle Competition was on the same weekend and Jorge talked me into staying the night so we could go.   We stayed in a super cute hotel, Commodore on the Beach, just off of the sea wall where every room had an ocean front view. We ended up getting a room with two double beds and it was a nice comfortable size. One wall was completely glass so you could see a decent stretch of beach from anywhere in the room. The bathroom was itty bitty but manageable. Lastly, I really liked that they had free parking with a permit behind the building. Overall it was a great stay and I would absolutely recommend it.  Right next to th