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Europe 2018 - Part 4

Welcome back! Where to begin with this one... Uhhh, well, here are some lessons learned. Lesson Learned! July 9, 2018 | Rebekah Mireles It's impossible to take a 2 week trip to another country and not learn anything. Whether it be facts or history about your destination or lessons you can only learn by doing. By that I mean, when you royally mess up but you're in another country so your only option IS to learn from it. Yep. That was me. It was a tough pill to swallow but what I got from it makes it worth it. It’s wasn’t all  that  bad though.  (From left to right: Me, Jorge and Hayley. We were actually just tired from walking those stairs behind us but our facial expressions seemed fitting for lessons learned. ) The next picture was my flight into Lisbon, Portugal. So beautiful. For starters, I learned that I can’t sleep on planes. Simple as that. I tried melatonin. I tried ZzzQuil. I tried not sleeping be

Europe 2018

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well and staying healthy. Since there isn't much happening and im procrastinating terribly on my latest project portfolio, here are some stories from my old blog.💕 Europe in 5 days! May 22, 2018 | Rebekah Mireles It's almost here! This week is going to FLY by. In honor of this being the last week before the trip I wanted to give you all a little insight into what it took to get everything planned out. Today I'll talk about where we will be staying, flights, and how we managed to keep this trip under 2,000 USD per person.  BEFORE I KNEW To be absolutely truthful, I had no idea at the beginning of the year that I would be traveling across the world. It was a trip that planned before I came along. Early April they found out one of their friends cancelled and they decided to invite me. Immediately I wanted to say yes. But I thought for a few moments and figured I really didn'