First Trip of Summer 19'

May 19, 2019

Hot Springs, Arkansas

View from Hot Springs Mountain Tower
                                                             Our first trip of the summer!
On the road again!

From Houston, it took about 6 hours and 30 minutes to drive there. Then tack on 30 minutes to an hour to stop and eat. It wasn't bad though. A lot of green and open fields. We made a game of counting churches and fields of animals that we saw. It didn't help that I took the back way into the neighborhood. I added a good 15 minutes.. Oops! I blame my GPS though.
Condo Balcony overlooking lake Desoto

Hot Springs Village is a quiet and very peaceful neighborhood. Waking up to this view in the morning is so calming. We took the inflatable kayak but it was just a bit too cold for our taste to get in...
The first night there we decided not to waste any time and check out the downtown life. 

We walked all the way down bathhouse row before choosing Diablos Tacos and Mezcal. I have to say, for a "quick bite" restaurant, it was pretty good. It was a little less Americanized than our Tex-Mex here in Houston which was nice. But that's coming from me, the born and raised in Houston girl. Jorge thinks they are the same. Anyway, after that we visited the soap and ice cream shop and finished the day with some                                                                  grocery shopping.

I snapped a quick picture of this German restaurant we came across. I just thought the outdoor patio was super cute and fun. We didn't get a chance to try it but next time!

                                                                         Monday Morning! 

 Garvan Woodlands Gardens was a little gem about 15-20 minutes outside of Hot Springs. We walked all over this botanical garden and luckily got the chance to see inside the Anthony Chapel. As we walked out photographers walked in. We didn't think much of it until guests started arriving. Holy smokes! A couple was about to get married! We were way under dressed to sneak in. ;P We found the grooms quarters and the reception hall. Before getting there I thought perhaps I would fall in love and want to get married there. But this wasn't the case. As beautiful as it was, I'd prefer my wedding some place else. We found a really interesting outdoor theater and again... the greenery was just beautiful! 


If I remember correctly, we spent an hour and a half here. It may have been an extra hour if we had gone in the actual entrance. We discovered it as we were driving away... Oops. :D

Mountain Tower

Next stop, Mountain Tower! As soon as you walk in you're greeted into the gift shop. They had a ton of neat little souvenirs and post cards. You know, things you don't need but all the sudden you want really bad? Yeah. Lots of that. You buy your ticket and they give you a coin to get you through the turnstile. Take the elevator up and enjoy the views! 

The tower doesn't look that high in the pictures but 75 feet above the highest point on the mountain puts you at the perfect height to see the surrounding area. It was shocking honestly. I think the tower is a little under rated. It was truly a great experience.  


Lastly, the best pizza I have ever had!

Grateful Head Pizza Oven and Beer Garden
Mushroom, Jalapeno, pepperoni and sausage. This pizza was so good. We even got one to take home for dinner! It was also the first time we tried the (Houston) local craft beer, Karbach Love Street. It's pretty good if you're a fan of beer. This beer garden is one of two. The only other one is located is Hochatown, Oklahoma. 

There was a free parking garage just down the street from here behind all of the shops. The pretty lights on the building drew me in. You don't expect to travel 6 or 7 hours to find that one of the most fun places you visit is a pizza joint. But honestly, it was. Don't get me wrong, we cooked and had breakfast at the condo. The gardens were beautiful and peaceful. The shops are nice and the section of the promenade we saw was cute. The mountain tower was a total surprise. But really I think the most FUN I had was sitting outside eating pizza, drinking a beer, laughing and cutting up. 

Towards the end of our meal I received a phone call from my brother. My step-dad had gotten in a accident at work and was on his way to the hospital. He spent 11 days in the STICU and 3 days in a regular room. Needless to say, we came home early on Tuesday... Drove up Sunday, had an eventful Monday and drove back Tuesday! Who would have thought you could do so much in one day! We also went to the casino that night but I felt like a zombie due to the news I had gotten. A zombie that lost $100. Looking back and all things considered, it was still a good time! We can mark Arkansas off the list. 

Oh! My step dad is doing much better now. :) 

Next stop, Austin!!

Thank you for stopping by!

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